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LINQ Payroll Solutions

Businessman Smiles as he Stands in Front of his Office BuildingFrom keeping you up to speed on tax rate and filing changes to answering specific payroll questions, the payroll solution we provide allows you to:

  • Manage the entire payroll process, from customizing pay grids and reports to accessing key payroll functions, with a flexible system that is easy to learn and accessible anywhere
  • Improve payroll speed and accuracy with an integrated time and attendance solution
  • Feel confident with strong encryption and state-of-the-art security that delivers multi-level protection

Checks and Direct Deposit

Employees’ paychecks are delivered to your workplace ready for distribution- signed and inserted into individual envelopes- according to your specified schedule. Alternatively, you can choose timesaving direct deposit, an electronic payment option that deposits employees’ pay directly into their bank accounts.

Tax Administration and Filing

We will prepare, file, and deposit federal, state and local taxes, while also issuing the required monthly reporting to relevant tax authorities and statements of deposits and filings made on your behalf.

Year-End Processing

We will handle your company’s year-end requirements, including direct reporting to the proper tax authorities and statements of deposits and filings made on your behalf

Wage Garnishments Processing

Let us address the complex calculations of court-ordered garnishments, levies and child support payments and make the necessary payments to appropriate agencies.

General Ledger

We can provide you with a General Ledger Interface to create an import-ready file that brings all your payroll journal entries into your general ledger software package. Avoid manual journal entries and the expense of developing custom interfaces to connect your payroll and general ledger. You’ll automatically receive a file every payroll period that contains the expense information to be entered into your general accounting program.

Payroll Reports and Workers’ Compensation

Use reports to help verify data entry hours and earnings before you submit your payroll and analyze ongoing payroll totals, employee deductions, personnel changes, and quarterly tax reports.

Let us assist you with workers compensation administration. We can help you improve your cash flow by eliminating hefty up-front annual premium deposits and by basing premium payments on your actual payrolls and carrier rates rather than estimates. Convenient online reporting helps you better manage workers’ compensation claims.

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